Washington Gas Rebates Help Homebuilders Stand Out From the Competition

Craftmark Homes, a residential builder operating in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., has constructed more than 8,000 homes since the 1990s and builds roughly 200 new homes each year across the region. To stand out in a crowded housing market, the company has sought to capture niche segments.

“As a relatively small company, we cannot depend on cost efficiencies the way that large builders can,” says Craftmark Operations Manager Nic Ward. “Instead, we focus on what we identify to be of real value to our customers. Increasingly, that is energy efficiency, which helps lower their monthly bills and environmental impact.”

Craftmark considers each product that will make its homes more efficient overall, including appliances like water heaters and furnaces. The company designs and builds homes that are ENERGY STAR® certified and strives to meet and exceed EPA energy efficiency guidelines whenever possible.

“Having that ENERGY STAR designation in the market where homebuyers value it more and more makes a real difference for our company,” Ward says. “When we can help cover the cost of energy efficiency installations through utility rebates, all the better.”


Craftmark began participating in the Washington Gas New Home Construction Program in 2018, when a representative told them about opportunities to receive cash back for installing high-efficiency appliances.

Between 2019 and 2020, Craftmark installed smart thermostats and the following ENERGY STAR certified equipment in new homes across Maryland:

  • Gas storage water heaters
  • Gas tankless water heaters
  • High-efficiency gas furnaces

These installations are estimated to contribute more than 7,800 therms and $3,500 in annual energy savings for homeowners, and Craftmark received $19,500 in rebates from Washington Gas.

Washington Gas rebates not only help us install high-efficiency appliances in the homes we build, but also help us differentiate ourselves in the market.”

—Nic Ward, Operations Manager, Craftmark Homes


The rebate program offers benefits beyond the builder’s bottom line. Ward and his team work with Washington Gas representatives who advise them on rebate opportunities, ensure the equipment they install is eligible and help them complete rebate applications.

“Our small staff relies on utility consultants and energy raters to help ensure we meet program requirements and submit our applications for rebates accurately and on time,” says Ward.


Craftmark plans to continue investing in energy efficiency in upcoming housing developments throughout its portfolio. “As long as consumers demand high-efficiency homes and rebates are available to help us cover the cost, we will continue making the installations,” Ward says. “I would recommend Washington Gas’ rebate program to other builders looking to meet that demand, as we have done.”