Disclaimer: For its EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency programs, Washington Gas has only been approved to offer rebates for the purchase and installation of new gas equipment through the end of 2024. Washington Gas will provide an update on the status of 2025 gas equipment rebates at a later date.

Save up to $400 on Select ENERGY STAR® Certified Models

Water heaters are the second highest energy user in the home.* Set yourself up for long-term savings and choose an ENERGY STAR certified natural gas water heater that provides all the hot water you need, while also saving you energy and money.

Rebates on Energy-Saving Water Heaters

Eligible Water HeatersEfficiency RequirementRebate
Storage Water Heater Tier 1Minimum UEF 0.64$100
Storage Water Heater Tier 21ENERGY STAR certified$150
Tankless Water Heater Tier 1Minimum UEF 0.87$350
Tankless Water Heater Tier 21ENERGY STAR certified$400

You may be able to claim a federal tax credit of 30% of the project cost up to $600. Federal tax credits may require exceeding efficiency requirements above, check eligibility requirements at energystar.gov/taxcredits.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR Certified Water Heaters

  • ENERGY STAR natural gas storage models have better insulation, heat traps and are more efficient than their standard counterparts. They can save a family of four up to $460 over the unit’s lifetime compared to a standard natural gas water heater.*
  • Tankless models can save a family of four up to $95 a year, or $1,800 over the unit’s lifetime compared to a standard natural gas storage model.* Plus, they save precious square footage in your home by not requiring a storage tank like standard water heaters.


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Have your participating contractor install qualifying high-efficiency equipment.


Your contractor will submit a rebate application for you. You’ll get your rebate on the contractor invoice or a check in the mail within six to eight weeks.

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Energy Assistance

If you’ve fallen behind on your energy bills, we may be able to help. We offer energy assistance to help residential income-qualified customers manage their bill.

*Source: energystar.gov