Disclaimer: For its EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency programs, Washington Gas has only been approved to offer rebates for the purchase and installation of new gas equipment through the end of 2024. Washington Gas will provide an update on the status of 2025 gas equipment rebates at a later date.

At this time, Washington Gas can only guarantee the availability of incentives for Maryland equipment replacement projects if all final required documentation and information is provided, and the application is in Install Complete status, by 12/31/2024.

Small Business Owners Are Saving Energy and Money With Washington Gas

Smart decisions are especially important to small businesses. Every dollar counts. And Washington Gas offers solutions and technical assistance to help your small business save big.

We’re on a mission to help businesses like yours cover the cost of high-efficiency natural gas equipment. Why? Investing in energy efficiency allows you to:

  • Reinvesting savings into your business
  • Greater equipment reliability
  • Less downtime from equipment failures

From new construction to renovations at existing buildings, equipment upgrades can be complex and costly. That’s where we can help. We’ll work with you to help find potential savings every step of the way.

Incentive-Eligible Equipment

Whether you’re renovating or starting a new construction project, Washington Gas incentives can help make energy-efficient equipment more affordable. Popular equipment upgrades for small businesses include:

  • Water and space heating equipment
  • HVAC tune-ups
  • Boilers
  • And more


Don’t see prescriptive incentive measures that apply to your project? You may qualify for financial incentives through the Custom Business Solutions program!

Food Service

Combination Oven - Half SizeENERGY STAR Certified$1,200/unit
Combination Oven - Full SizeENERGY STAR Certified$2,200/unit
Convection OvenENERGY STAR Certified$1,000/unit
Conveyor OvenENERGY STAR Certified$1,500/unit
Rack Oven - SingleENERGY STAR Certified$3,000/unit

Rack Oven - Double

ENERGY STAR Certified$4,000/unit

Gas Fryer - Standard Vat or Large Vat



Gas Griddle - SingleENERGY STAR Certified$750/unit

Gas Griddle - Double

ENERGY STAR Certified$1,250/unit

Gas Steam Cooker  < 6 Pans

ENERGY STAR Certified$750/unit

Gas Steam Cooker  > 6 Pans

ENERGY STAR Certified$1,000/unit

Commercial Dishwasher

ENERGY STAR Certified$600/unit

Spray Rinse Valve

EPA WaterSense Certified


Kitchen Demand Vent. Controls ≤ 7.5 HP 


$200 / HP of Motor


ENERGY STAR Certified$500/unit

Rotisserie Oven 

ENERGY STAR Certified$525/unit



Boiler Systems

Small Boiler Tier 1< 300 MBH≥ 90% AFUE$2.50/MBH
Small Boiler Tier 2< 300 MBH> 92% AFUE$3.00/MBH
Large Boiler≥ 300 and ≤5,000 MBH≥ 94% TE$4.00/MBH
Cut Out Control≤ 2,500 MBHN/A$0.25/MBH
Outdoor Air Reset

≤ 1,000 MBH


High Pressure Steam Trap

N/A≥ 75 PSIG, Tested$300/unit
Medium Pressure Steam TrapN/A≥ 15 PSIG, Tested$180/unit

HVAC Tune-Up

Pipe Wrap≥ 1”- 2” thick≥ 1” of Insulation for Indoor Pipes ≥ 2” of Insulation for Outdoor Pipes$3.00/foot
Pipe Wrap> 2”- 4” thick≥ 1” of Insulation for Indoor Pipes ≥ 2” of Insulation for Outdoor Pipes$5.00/foot
Water Heater WrapN/A≥ 1” of Insulation for Indoor Tanks ≥ 2” of Insulation for Outdoor Tanks$60
Water Heater Temperature SetbackN/AN/A$20

Water and Space Heating









Large Furnace≥ 225 and ≤ 500 MBH≥ 95% AFUE$2.00/MBH
Small Furnace Tier 1< 225 MBH≥ 92% AFUE$1.25/MBH
Small Furnace Tier 2< 225 MBH> 95% AFUE$2.25/MBH
Infrared Heater≤ 500 MBHN/A$1.00/MBH
Wi-Fi Enabled ThermostatN/AN/A$100/unit
Large Storage Water Heater> 75 MBH≥ 94% TE$700/unit
Small Storage Water Heater≤ 75 MBH≥ 0.66 UEF$400/unit
Large Tankless Water Heater> 200 MBH≥ 86% TE$700/unit
Small Tankless Water Heater≤ 200 MBH≥ 0.82 UEF$425/unit
Volumetric Water Heater≤ 1,000 MBH≥ 86% TE$0.75/MBH


Miscellaneous High-Efficiency Measures

Gas Modulating ValveN/A$800/unit
Gas-Fired Pool Heater

≥ 84% TE


Residential Gas Dryer



Residential Clothes Washer



Residential Dishwasher



Water/Space Heating & Controls









Hybrid Water Heater< 400 MBH≥ 94% TE$650 / Unit
Ozone LaundryActual Lbs-Capacity for Laundromats, or ≤ 254.38 Lbs-Capacity for Hotel/Motel, Fitness/Recreation, Healthcare, or Assisted LivingNew Ozone Laundry System$15 / Lb-Capacity
Multifamily Central Domestic Hot Water Plants≥ 300 and ≤ 3,000 MBH≥ 88% TE$4.00 / MBH
Controls for Central Domestic Hot WaterN/ANew Demand Controller Circulation Kit for Gas-Fired CDHW System$750 / Unit
Linkageless Boiler Controls for Space HeatingN/ANew Linkageless Control System for Boiler Burner$2000 / Unit
Small Business Furnace and Rooftop Unit Tune-Up*> 50 MBH and < 500 MBH for < 75,000 sq. ft. facilityInspect/Clean/Adjust Furnace or Rooftop Unit and Appurtenances for Correct and Efficient Operation$140 / Tune-Up



Let's Get Started

We’re here to help. Washington Gas offers incentives and technical assistance to help you save. Follow these steps to receive an incentive:

  1. Review your energy efficiency opportunities.​
  2. Check that any new equipment would qualify for an incentive.​
  3. Review our participating  service providers and identify an installation contractor for your project OR ensure any non-participating installation contractor you’re working with registers with Washington Gas.
  4. Work with your participating service provider to submit your incentive application for pre-approval before purchasing new equipment or removing existing equipment. ​
  5. Work with your participating service provider and/or installation contractor to install your new equipment and submit the final paperwork.​
  6. Enjoy your savings

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